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Newsletter Spring 2014

Featured Article: Idolatry at the expense of the common good?

There is a shared narrative among most faith traditions, a narrative that calls for us to care for the most vulnerable, including those who are in need of health care, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, and it includes the increasing number of our neighbors who go to be hungry at night, the increasing number of children and families in our state who are homeless, and the increasing number of our neighbors who are facing poverty.


Again and again in our shared narratives God takes the side of the oppressed. It’s a common thread in our texts that poverty and injustice is not a random or individual occurrence... (view entire newsletter)



Newsletter Fall/Winter 2013

Featured Article: RE-Membering Community

On October 30th, as I sat at the County Board Health and Human Needs Committee meeting, two men entered the room. One of the men, Robert, was helping the other, an older man who was leaning heavily on his cane. Robert was carrying both his own belongings and those of his friend with the cane. Both men are homeless and they had come to testify at the meeting in support of increased funding to help meet some of the most immediate needs faced by men and women who are homeless.


Just the night before I watched Robert testify at a City budget hearing on behalf... (view entire newsletter)


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MUM Celebrates 40th Anniversary: 5/18/2013

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Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice Petition on Health Care Reform Event
Youtube Video: 8/2/12



Partners in Change:


Longest Night Memorial Service: Honor lost homeless on longest night:

SB 207 Remedy in Search of  a Problem:

http://www.madisonvoices.com/> :
Podcast: Linda Ketcham and Tom Woodmansee, Community Against Violence, aired 12/21/11


Walker and His Henchmen Try Rolling Back More Civiel Rights Protection:

Dream Bikes held a bike giveaway -- complete with helmets and bike safety instruction -- for children who are part of MUM’s Mentoring Connections program.

Panel Discussion by formerly incarcerated people follows role play during MUM’s Returning Prisoner Simulation hosted by TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) in cooperation with United Way of Dane County.