Whether it is a state or local budget that strips vital services from our most vulnerable neighbors while offering tax breaks to the wealthy or corporations, balancing a budget on the backs of the poor, or advocating for employment opportunities that offer livable wages and benefits, MUM has been a constant presence in budget and public policy debates. Consistent with our mission we work to engage communities of faith in this advocacy.

MUM has worked for over a decade to address the unacceptable and immoral racial disparities in our criminal justices system. Through our Justice Issues Task Force, our involvement with the YWCA’s Racial Justice Summits and most recently our participation on the Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System and the Dane County Implementation Team. If you would like more information about the Racial Disparities Task Force, the report and recommendations or the work of the Implementation Team contact Linda at linda@emum.org.


MUM’s Greater Isthmus Group (GIG) is a group of representatives from faith communities, community organizations, and concerned citizens some with and some without permanent housing. Traditionally GIG has been concerned with housing issues and it was GIG that helped to secure the initial funding to start the Warming House in Dane County. More recently GIG has been focused on what communities and people of faith can do to help strengthen and improve our shelter system while focusing on long term solutions to homelessness. GIG meets monthly at Lake Edge Lutheran Church on Monona Dr . For more information or a calendar of meetings contact Barbara McKinney at Barbara@emum.org.

Criminal Justice System Reform

For twenty years MUM has been a local leader in challenging our criminal justice system. Through the work of our Justice Issues Task Force we challenged the morality and humanity of the Super Max Prison in Boscobel. We worked to oppose the Advisory Referendum to reinstate the Death Penalty in Wisconsin.

In 2007 MUM successfully led the effort in Dane County to fundamentally change how our jail services are bid out. Because of that effort, Dane County is now, by ordinance, prohibited from bidding out jail services contracts based on kickbacks to the County on those contracts. We are the only Wisconsin county to have passed such protections.

MUM was instrumental in pushing for changes to state policy so that inmates being released from prison are released with a valid State ID. The move eliminates one barrier to re-entry, making it easier for individuals to open a bank account, apply for a job, and cash checks.

Homeless Person's Memorial Day

MUM is one of the co-sponsors of the National Homeless Persons Memorial Day, held on the December 21st, the longest night of the year. The purpose of the event is to raise public awareness regarding homelessness, but more importantly to remember those in our community who were homeless and who have died during the year. It is a recognition too that people who are homeless are often the victims of violence, often die of preventable medical conditions because they lack healthcare, and may also experience mental illness or addiction that further complicate their ability to find permanent housing.

If you or your congregation would like to be part of this years event contact Linda Ketcham at linda@emum.org (608)256-0906.

Mobile Home Park Protections

MUM supported mobile homeowners in the Hickory Lanes Mobile Home park in Monona when that park was closed. The City of Monona failed to provide for its residents. In fact, they failed twice, first in 1990 when Happy Acres Mobile Home Park closed, and then again in 2007 when Hickory Lanes closed. The home owners in Hickory Lanes organizes, and working with MUM were able to see some protections put in place for mobile homeowners at the County level. Wisconsin does not have any laws in place to protect manufactured homeowners from being displaced. Existing laws protect the tenant-landlord relationship regarding the rental agreement, but there is really nothing to protect residents if the park owner faces foreclosure or condemnation, or if the owner wishes to close the park and sell it.

MUM advocates for greater protections for mobile home owners when a park closes. The protection of Manufactured Home Communities is important because it provides an affordable housing option that is unsubsidized by the government. Wisconsin currently has approximately 1,200 manufactured/mobile home parks/communities. When these parks close the residents often cannot find comparable housing and find themselves homeless.

For additional information and resources:
AARP: assets.aarp.org/regcenter/consume/d18138­housing.pdf
Bureau of Consumer Protections: http://datcp.wi.gov
Linda Ketcham, Madison-area Urban Ministry: linda@emum.org
Corporation for Enterprise Development: www.cfed.org/programs/manufactured_housing_initiative
Tenant Resource Center: www.tenantresourcecenter.org
Washington Manufactured home Organization: www.wamho.org


Thank you to our supporters

MUM thanks the following funders:

Reentry Programs:
The United Way of Dane County
WI Department of Corrections
The Ristad Foundation

Mentoring, Family and Reading Connections
The Alliant Energy Foundation 
The Capital Kids Fund
Madison Rotary Foundation
The Evjue Foundation
TDS Metrocom

We also thank our congregational contributors and our individual donors, too many to name here.


MUM co-sponsors National Homeless Person’s Memorial Services, every December 21st, the longest night